Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Derry/Londonderry in New Hampshire

I always wonder about the fact that New Hampshire has the towns of Derry and Londonderry so close together. Wikipedia doesn't tell me. Did people who objected to the "London" part move over to the neighboring town of Derry? I snapped this photo when driving past the exit for Derry and Londonderry this week, in the rain.

John McCain ran a "No Surrender" rally in Londonderry back in 2007, seemingly oblivious to the Irish connotations of that phrase and location [read this great analysis of McCain's Scots-Irish appeal here].

I can tell where Google's sympathies lie. You can see that "Derry" is identified as the correct spelling in the Blogger software I use. But "Londonderry" gets a little wavy red line under it, indicating that it's not a word. It suggests "London" instead (that would not fly in the real Derry), and weirdly suggests "Transponder" as an alternative. Maybe Google is saying that is the solution for the real Derry/Londonderry in Ireland: change the name to "Transponder" and then everyone will be happy, or at least confused.

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Steve Young said...

Noticed your link to our Hometown Online News Site.

The entire area was once called Londonderry. It included today what are now the City of Manchester, Towns of Derry, Londonderry and Windham.

Before it was named Londonderry it was called Nutfield. 286 years ago King George granted a charter to Nutfield Township and it became Londonderry, New Hampshire.