Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Kerry versus Tyrone

After the semi-finals over the weekend, Kerry and Tyrone won through to play each other in the All-Ireland Football Final on September 21. I'll be in Ireland that day, though I don't have tickets for the game.

I'll watch it on TV instead, and hear commentators talk about Kerry's "champagne football", comparing them to the Brazil soccer team, and hear them talk patronisingly about the "more workmanlike" football of Tyrone. [well, the RTE commentators will say that, but the BBC Northern Ireland commentators would be more sympathetic to Tyrone].

I'll be supporting Tyrone. After all, it's the "O'Neill County" (whose logo features the O'Neill Red Hand shown below) and I'm an O'Neill. And, I know more people from Tyrone than Kerry. Although, I do remember, as an eight-year-old farm boy up in Dublin for the Spring Show, being thrilled to get Jack O'Shea's autograph. But now I'd like to see Tyrone win in 3 weeks time.

Tír Eoghain Abú

[ Tyrone image from this Tyrone Supporter's Bebo page. Kerry image from Wikipedia.]

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