Monday, September 29, 2008

Dublin Signs

"Drinking alcohol in public places is prohibited" (Really? This was news to me, and to the many people enjoying the sunny weather this weekend, drinking outside Dublin pubs). Blowing bubbles while falling backwards in public places is also prohibited, as you can see below:

The new "Intoxicating Liquor Bill" makes an exception for St Patrick's Day. This notice is shown on a potato and fruit counter at Marks and Spencer on Grafton Street in Dublin:

This Vodafone advertisement uses the Irish symbol of friendship, pouring someone a cup of tea. I'm not sure how well this would translate to the US, however. The cowboy does look overjoyed to get a cup of tea though.

Finally, in the Guinness brewery, Gravity goes up (the Gravity Bar is on the top floor of the Guinness Storehouse):

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