Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pu-Pu Chinese Restaurant in West Roxbury, Boston

Back in January, the Guardian ran a feature on questionable restaurant names, such as the Phat Phuc noodle bar in Central London (name translates as "Happy Buddha" apparently). Now that Dorchester's "El Coli" food market is renamed, West Roxbury leads Boston in the restaurant naming stakes with the Pu-Pu Chinese Restaurant.

Pu-Pu Chinese Restaurant in West Roxbury, Boston

Footnote: When I lived in Dublin, the most amusing restaurant name was the "Fragrant River" Chinese restaurant located beside a particularly stinky part of the Royal Canal.

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Adam Gaffin said...

Oh, great, now I'll never be able to order a pupu platter again! :-).

Mark O'Neill said...

Ha yeah

I think the Pu-Pu platter is specifically an American Chinese dish (well, according to its Wikipedia entry anyway). So its name causes someone like me who grew up with European Chinese food to snigger (or, indeed, to "snicker" in US English).