Sunday, August 10, 2008

Getting the Sunday Papers from Ireland and New York

Bernie Goldback reviews the Irish Sunday papers on video, focussing mostly on tech news but also mentioning something called "Failte Towers" which I am glad I don't have to watch over here [unless a version gets syndicated to US TV!].

There was a time when reading the Irish Sunday papers in Boston meant waiting until Tuesday and then picking them up at Out of Town News in Harvard Square, or in the Borders near Downtown Crossing. Now, you can watch a video of them being reviewed for you, direct from Tipperary, then use the Web to follow up any interesting items.

In notice that the New York Times uses Google Adwords to present links to the best parts of their Sunday edition. Today, it highlighted me to a great article on Edward Hopper's paintings of Cape Cod. When I clicked on the adwords link, the New York Times pays Google some money. This means that the newspaper is paying for me to read it. On the plus side for the NYT, it is only a matter of time before I subscribe to their weekend edition plan [the one which is often advertised on US TV, with the "Call Now" people saying "I am not one of those 'call now'" people].

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