Monday, February 2, 2009

Samantha Power

Samantha Power is the most senior Irish-born person in the Obama administration, having been given a senior foreign policy post.

It is interesting to see, using Google, what people search about Samantha Power.

As you can see below, they search about

- Top of this list is a search about her views on Israel. I had no idea she had said anything about Israel, but since it was the top of the list, I ran the search to see. That made me wonder about self-fulfillment in Google's search history. Turns out she was critical of Israel's behaviour in Jenin.

- Then, people searched about her wedding, which was in County Kerry. Further down the list is a search for her husband.

- Her book about genocide, "A problem from Hell", comes only at number 4.

The one thing I remember about Samantha Power was reading that, in her early days in Boston, she purposefully studied baseball so that she could fit in better in Boston. I never did this, and I rely on my hazy memories of learning to play "Rounders" in Community Games matches in 1980s rural Ireland for my knowledge of baseball rules. That may explain why I am so clueless about the game.

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