Thursday, February 19, 2009

The fizz gone from Bulmers

Emblematic of the downturn in Ireland, Bulmers now is laying people off. During the unusually warm Irish summer of 2006, and through 2007, Bulmers (AKA Magners) cider was wildly popular. The legions of Bulmers drinkers included Prince William, as this article reports. Bulmers struggled to keep up with the demand for cider.

Now, the cider market has gone flat. Will cider in Ireland and the UK go back downmarket? Has it already? Interesting, cider in the US doesn't seem to ever have had the "knocking back 2 liter bottles down by the canal at Age 15" reputation. So the "upmarket cider" market may be untapped. Though, now is probably not the time to launch anything upmarket.

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ATOM said...

Politics aside, I just love the taste of a Bulmers or "Magners".
In fact I had 5 pint bottles yesterday.Cider is a summer drink to a lot of people, I just drink it all year round.As a youth I basically grew up drinking cider in the park....and I still love the taste.It treats your head better in the morning too.Man the headaches I used to get from beer!Especially Budweiser!But then I did drink in excess.