Monday, June 1, 2009

The Irish Times travel section covers Boston

A glowing review of Boston in the Irish Times, which I read at the weekend on a flight from Dublin to Boston.

"The city is smaller than Dublin, with about 600,000 inhabitants, but, like Dublin, it punches above its weight in culture, arts, entertainment, sport, politics, food and fun. Not a night passes without an event worth going to, be it a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, a concert at Boston Garden or an exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art."

Of course, the naming of "Boston Garden" is inaccurate, but I can understand the Irish Times choosing to call it that, given that its current name is liable to change twixt laptop and printing press. And if you include the surrounding suburbs and towns, which bring the population over 600K, Boston may be larger than Dublin. Personally, having lived in both cities, I think they are about the same size.

By the way, when I was in Dublin last week, I heard the most ridiculous attempt at a Boston accent on Irish radio. It was on a commercial to entice Irish people to visit Boston on holiday. But, the accent was some mix of New Jersey, Texas, and South Dublin. Would it have been so difficult to find someone with an actual Boston accent to do the voiceover?

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Adam Gaffin said...

I think there's some UN regulation that forbids the hiring of actual Boston speakers for ads. One of my first introductions to this was an "I love New York" ad, ages ago, where some allged old salt went "I'm from Cape CAD and I love New York."

Um, yes, sure you do.