Thursday, September 1, 2011

Staying where Michael Jackson (and family) stayed in Ireland

It is a little known fact that, before he died, Michael Jackson spent a lot of time with his kids in Ireland. Now you can rent the same house in County Wicklow where Michael Jackson, and family, stayed:

Michael Jackson also spent time in 2006 in County Westmeath, and you can rent the same houses stayed there too. It is amazing to read about it now:

Jackson fell in love with County Westmeath and, after a month in the converted cowshed, moved to the equally secluded neighbouring estate of Coolatore, also owned by the Dunnings. Because Jackson didn't have his own driver in Ireland, Paddy enlisted local taxi driver Ray O'Hara to drive Michael and the kids around in a borrowed people carrier with blacked-out windows.

The Dunnings somehow managed to keep the fact that the King of Pop was in residence a secret for several months. Even when Jackson began to venture out and there were rumoured sightings of him in the nearby villages of Moate or Kilbeggan, the Dunnings would deny all knowledge. "If someone said to me I've heard Michael Jackson is there, I would tell them: 'Yeah, so is Elvis Presley!' says Paddy

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