Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why the absense of great Greek food places in Roslindale?

The question is again asked on Chowhound- Seeking Greek Gyros/Souvlaki in Roslindale area

Roslindale has a huge Greek influence - witness the Panatinaikos flag flying outside the car service place on Washington Street at Kittredge, Comcast's hyper-local billboard ads for Greek language TV channels, Greek Orthodox Churches, and that car with the map of Greece sticker and "CYPRUS" as its number place (I guess there are no Turks living around here).

There is a Greek grocery store, but no Greek restaurant. There are Greek-owned restaurants which serve mainly American fare with some Greek dishes on the menu - the Blue Star, as mentioned on Chowhound - but they are hardly exclusively Greek (the Blue Star does a great Full Irish Breakfast).

The answer I've got to this question is "there is great Greek food in Roslindale, but it's eaten by Greek people at home". Hardly a good answer for those of us who would pay for Greek food at a restaurant or take-out place if it was available...

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