Friday, July 24, 2009

25 years of the DART

The DART is 25 years old this week. Here are some of my memories of the DART:

- The time when the driver drove right past Bayside station (shown below), and then announced over the PA that he's forgotten about the station, and then reverse the train back into the station. Everyone laughed.

- The time when the train stopped near Howth Junction because of a bomb scare, and everyone nonchalantly walked on over the tracks, nobody worried about bombs or trains.

- My first time taking the DART to southside stations, in places like Dalkey and Killiney, and being amazed at the wealth there. I remember catching an early train back north, in the early morning after a house party on the southside, marvelling at how much nicer the station were, compared to the stations on the northside.

- My friend Mike arriving at Dun Laoghaire and phoning me to ask which DART to take up to central Dublin. I said "No really, there is only one line". Years later, the DART still only has that one line.

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