Thursday, May 14, 2009

The MBTA's bizarre map for the No.42 Bus

I took the No42 bus at the weekend, and couldn't help but notice the bizarre map which the MBTA puts out for that bus.

It shows a Stop and Shop on the edge of the Arboretum, on Centre Street. There is no Stop and Shop there!. A Stop and Shop right in the Arboretum like that?

Are Tedeschi's and Store 24 really the only thing of note on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain?

And what is the obsession with Check Cashing places?

I mean, look at the map below. What if someone is looking for, let's say, Brigham and Women's Hospital, or the Museum of Fine Arts. They are nowhere to be seen on the map. But we do see two check cashing places.

That said, this map will come in very useful for my mammoth check-cashing trip this coming weekend, not to mention my weekly shopping in the new Arboretum Stop-and-Shop. :-)


Ron Newman said...

I can't explain the phantom Stop & Shop, but the convenience stores and check-cashers are on the map because they sell T passes. It even says that at the top of the map.

Mark O'Neill said...

aaah - that explains it!